polite, confident, refined, sophisticated, elegant, polished


creative art related to cooking, preparation, and design presentation

Executive Summary

Innovative event catering located in Calgary, Canada, focused on artistry and the experience that high quality foods and presentation can provide. Urbane Culinary approaches food service and hospitality in a new fashion. From downtown lunch drop-offs, private estate catering, seasonal parties, foundations and non-profit events, weddings and life’s achievements, to assisting corporate communication.

Urbane Culinary offers food experiences that are collaborative & individually catered to each client, this is what separates it from the crowd and inspires clients, chefs and competitors.

Urbane’s Three Pillars


A commitment to the local food movement, supporting supplier communities, farms & quality local producers. The foundation of our commitment is to ensure organic local foods at peak freshness. A “from scratch” philosophy, Urbane Culinary is providing top quality produce, meats and whole grains.


Insightful thinking in nutritional responsibility in everyday eating. Urbane Culinary provides a unique lifestyle experience committed to long lasting customer relationships based on ethical decisions. We value our clients integrity and social responsibilities, our mandate is to incorporate our client relationships & supplier involvement to create a lasting product for our community.


Urbane Culinary packaging, and food service ware has been carefully selected. Great care has been put into each biodegradable, re-useable, compostable and recyclable material, making Urbane Culinary leaders in sustainable development, environmental awareness and function.


Where minimalism meets presentation